The Pincourt Tennis Club committee reserves the right to revoke the membership of a member who does not comply with the following rules:

#1. Civility, respect and courtesy are required at all times. Personal music devices, screaming, foul or abusive language and violence are not tolerated on the courts.

#2. The maximum duration of a game is 60 minutes. A game may not exceed 60 minutes unless the court is vacant for the following hour.

#3. A member and/or their partner cannot reserve a court for two consecutive hours.

#4. A member cannot reserve more than 1 court at the same time.

#5. If a player is late by 15 minutes, the reservation is cancelled. For example, a court becomes available at 7:15 pm if the member who reserved at 7:00 pm has not shown up.

#6. It is forbidden to have more than four (4) players on a given court at the same time except for planned club activities.

#7. Wearing a sweater and sneakers are mandatory at all times.

#8. A member may play with a non-member guest on an occasional basis.

#9. Water and sports drinks are the only beverages allowed to protect the tennis courts.

# 10. For security reasons, the use of a tennis ball basket is allowed only on court #4, except for coaches authorized by the club.

# 11. Only coaches mandated by the club are allowed to give lessons.

Please inform us if you are aware of a member breaching the rules.

Pincourt Tennis Club comitttee