Rules (Doubles)


How it works:

Players are divided in blocs of 4 players.

Every 3 weeks, a new period starts with 4 new players.

The Pro 8 formula is used (first team to get 8 points).

Each player plays with and against each other during the 3 week period.

You have one hour to play a Pro 8

    • As soon as a team gets to 8 points, the result is tabulated. For example, if after 45 minutes a team has 8 points and the opposing team has 6, you continue playing for the hour but the result remains 8-6.

    • If 5 minutes before the hour a team is leading, the game finishes with that score.

    • If there's a tie, an extra point is played to determine a winner.

If none of the teams gets to 8 after one hour, that score is given.

After the 3 week period, each player's cumulative score is added.

The player with the highest score moves up one bloc, the player with the lowest score moves down. The other 2 players stay in the same bloc.

In this example, Denise (22) has the highest score after 3 weeks, therefore moves up one bloc.

Karen (15) has the lowest score, therefore, moves down one bloc.

The other 2 players stay in the same bloc.

A new period of 3 weeks starts with the new players.

If a match is cancelled due to the weather, the score of the games played will be taken into account.

Code of conduct:

For this formula to be a success, it is important for every player to respect their partner and opponent by being punctual and available.

If you have to miss a game, please contact a replacement of equivalent level (see replacements list) and let us know.

Note that to encourage attendance, the player being replaced will get its replacement score, minus 2 points.

The replacement list will be forwarded to you as soon as it is available.

To make sure this formula works as planned and with respect to all participants, the following rule will apply:

If a player misses a game twice witout advising us, he will be excluded from the doubles league for the rest of the season.

See you on the court!

Your Doubles League organisers

Marie-Andrée and Louise