Singles League


The main goal of the Singles League is to offer you the opportunity to play fun and challenging matches against players whose abilities are similar to yours - all within a friendly and recreational setting.

Here’s how the 2020 league works:

  • It will start Monday June 1st, 2020.
  • The league is open to adult members from the Club de Tennis Pincourt. Once the limit of 60 players is reached, a waiting list will be created.
  • Participants are classified and placed into groups of 3 players of similar caliber, except for the last 2 groups that will count 4 players.
  • The season is divided into 2-week periods (previously known as "blocks"). Each period begins on a Monday morning and ends Sunday at 8:30 pm.
  • During each period, the participant must play a match against two different players from his/her group (i.e. 2 matches every 2 weeks).
  • Games played in your group count first.
  • Games played with lower or upper groups will have a lesser point value than the ones played in your group when ranking is recalculated.
  • It is therefore important that you make the effort to play within your group during each 2 week blocks.


If you are not available to play during any 2-week period (injury, travel, etc), you must notify the organizer prior to the start of that period (by Sunday 8:30 pm the latest). Your name will be removed from that the ladder for that period This will avoid frustrations for other players and also ensure that you will not be penalized for your absence (i.e. you will remain at the same level at the start of the following period).

  • Participants are responsible for contacting other players and scheduling their own match times. Player coordinates can be accessed on the "Coordonnées" page.
  • If players within your group are unavailable, you may schedule a match with a player from one group above or one group below your level. However the points from that match will count only for you and not for the replacement player (unless he/she also couldn’t find two players to play against from his/her own group).
  • Participants are responsible for reserving their courts. Click here or on the "Réservations" page.
  • Participants are responsible for bringing their own tennis balls.
  • Participants are responsible for submitting their match scores by going to the "Soumettre un pointages (simple)” page or by clicking here. It is suggested that the winner of each match submit the results.
  • The deadline to submit your scores is 8:30 pm on the last Sunday of each period. Late results will not be included in the calculations for the next period's ladder. This will result in the loss of any points earned during that match.
  • Matches are played using a Pro-8 formula, within a one-hour time frame. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of play and scoring details by going to the “règlements (simple)” page or by clicking here. If there is a disagreement about a rule during play, remember to be a good sport – we play for fun!
  • After completion of each period, the organizer will tabulate the results and form new groups for the following period. Results will be emailed to participants and they will also be published on the “Tableau” page.

Good luck and most importantly - Have fun!